We believe the last thing you need when dealing with criminal charges is the stress of how much it's going to cost for quality representation.  We offer flat fee pricing upfront and easy online payments.  

Flat Fee Pricing


Every case has unique facts and needs a different plan of attack.  After meeting with you and discussing the facts of the case, we will give you a flat fee quote.  

Our fees start at $350 for something as quick as a Motion to Terminate Probation or to restore Civil Rights, and go upward from there depending on the amount of investigation, court appearances, or plea negotiations that may be necessary in your case.  

Our flat fee quote will enable us to have a plan for resolution whether it be dismissal of the charges, the best plea possible, or going to trial.  

If your case needs to go to trial, there will be additional fees, but again at a flat fee rate.  You will never be surprised at the end of the case with costs or fees you did not expect.  If your case requires an expert, we may request additional funds that we discuss with you and agree on prior to hiring any experts.  You will be involved in step-by-step planning of your case, which leaves you in charge of what your defense will cost.  


Pay Online

We offer convenient online payment of fees through paypal.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card